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DSA ELECTRO CONTROLS PVT. LTD. was the first company in India to procure a Water Jet Cutting Machine in the private sector.

  • This machine is first of it's kind in India with two 2D cutting heads and one 3D cutting head.
  • DSA is the sole distributor of M/s.H.G.Ridder Automatisierungs GmbH make water jet machine for ASIA region.

Abrasive Waterjet Machine Distributor

WARICUT Ultra-High Pressure Water Cutting Systems Water Jet Abrasive Cutting Systems
WARICUT Ultra-High Pressure Water Cutting Systems
This ecofriendly, cold and high-precision technology can cut almost every material of various thicknesses without heat generation, deformation and only few burr.

High pressure water jet cutting technology is the alternative to thermal cutting technology. Pressures up to 4000 bar are generated.

In pure water cutting technology materials are cut by a jet of ordinary water.

In abrasive cutting technology materials are cut by a jet of water and an abrasive medium.

Abrasive Cutting Systems
The cutting systems HWM are the all-purpose production machines for single part and series production. The systems will be produced as single head system with 2D or 3D and multiple head system with 2D/3D or 3D/3D technology.

The conception of the system is developed for upgrading every high-pressure water-jet cutting system delivered by us at a later time. This concerns in particular upgrading of additional cutting heads or high pressure pumps, installation of a rotating axis as well as the extension of 2D to 3D cutting. The essential functions of the control are integrated in the basic machine.

Today versatility plays a key role in machining of cutting jobs. New fields of application for water cutting (abrasive or pure water cutting) can be opened up by integration of a 3D cutting head axis. Both types of cutting head axes (2D and 3D) can be combined in one machine to advantage of the user.

With a 3D-cutting head axis it is possible to do chamfer-cutting as well as cutting of complex 3D free form surfaces beside the standard 2D cutting function. WARICUT® cutting systems are also available in 3D-Design with some independent 3Dcutting head axes. Another 3D-cutting head axis can be retrofitted anytime.

It can
  • Cut any material upto 200mm thick.
  • 5 Axis cutting head.
  • For defence applications, ATM machine cabinets, Pharmaceutical industry, elevator cabins & eneumerous architectural needs.


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